The Onagrine Extreme Jeunesse line was designed to prevent the first signs of ageing appearing on your skin. The anti-wrinkle action of these first-wrinkle creams derives from the anti-ageing properties of the myrtle extracts they contain. These first-wrinkle anti-ageing creams by Onagrine, as well as smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and giving the skin a radiant glow, boost the metabolism of your skin cells, thus prolonging its youthfulness.


The first wrinkles and fine lines may very soon appear on your skin. Before they become deep and numerous, you can take swift action to smooth your skin and prevent them appearing. To do this, Onagrine has created an anti-ageing skincare line that firms, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin as soon as the first visible signs of ageing appear. These products are rich in naturally-sourced active plant ingredients, the combined effect of which is to restore a fresh complexion and smooth your features, while being quick and easy to use.