Activ Detox, the first natural product range resulting from the encounter between Evening Primrose and precious plants from all over the world, acts simultaneously on all the urban factors (pollution, stress, fatigue) responsible for the first signs of ageing.
A short and natural range bringing together all the vitamin-rich plant active ingredients for a detoxifying, anti-fatigue, smoothing, radiance boosting, antioxidant and anti-ageing effect.
At the heart of the range, Acerola, an exceptional natural source of Vitamin C. It ripens in the rich soils of the hot and humid regions of South America. A true blast of energy, this bright red, sour fruit contains remarkable stimulating and energising virtues. Acerola also helps detoxify and protect cells against oxidative stress thanks to its strong antioxidant content.


Lack of sleep, work stress, pollution… It’s difficult to escape the hassle of everyday life! These factors impact your skin and signs of ageing develop quicker. You need a cellular boost to illuminate your complexion and restore your skin suppleness. Thanks to their high concentration in vitamin enriched active ingredients, Activ detox cares give an immediate healthy glow, moisturize your skin and eliminate signs of fatigue.