A truly innovative anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and firming line, the Onaphyline® line has been formulated especially to fill in wrinkles, restore volume, firm the skin and plump it back up again. Highly-prized active plant ingredients, such as Rose of Jericho, give this anti-ageing skincare line exceptional hydrating properties. The skin is plumped up, revitalised, and looks smoother and firmer. This genuinely rejuvenating effect is based on the innovative technique of “lipofilling "and a 100% plant-based Patented Compound for a lasting effect that helps keep your skin young and fresh.


Mature skin needs very specific care to help restore firmness and to boost cell renewal, which falls off with time. The Onaphyline skincare line offers a complete programme for this, designed to help your skin regain smoothness and radiance on an everyday basis. By day and by night, your Onagrine anti-ageing cream helps you skin to tone and redensify itself, even in the most delicate areas such as around the eyes where wrinkles tend to develop more easily.