Onagrine offers you a skincare line to gently cleanse, remove make-up, and purify your skin. Each cleanser makes use of active ingredients from natural sources, derived from highly-prized plants and adapted to the special needs of each skin type. Onagrine cleansers are available in oil-based, water-based, gel, mousse and milk forms, each with its own sensual texture and a velvety touch on your face. A pleasure to apply as well as effective, Onagrine cleaners restore softness and a fresh look to your skin.

A must-have cleanser

Wearing make-up, plus the host of external factors such as pollution that attack the skin, mean it is essential for you to cleanse your skin every day. Onagrine has formulated its cleansers using the best active plant ingredients Nature can provide. The active molecules are powerful enough to rid your skin of impurities and fully restore its softness. Just choose the form of cleanser, such as oil-based or gel, that feels best on your skin and transform your beauty routine into a real pleasure.