CC Extreme Perfection Creams moisturise the skin while giving an even, glowing complexion and correcting age-related blemishes and redness. Rich in naturally-sourced active ingredients such as White Lotus, they bestow a touch of freshness to your skin. The multi-action power of Onagrine’s perfecting creams thus enables you to achieve a flawless complexion in a single step, as well as providing you with long-lasting wear that stays with you right through your day. Onagrine Extreme Perfection CC Creams are available in 4 shades to suit any colouring: Ultra-Light, Light, Golden, and Dark.


A CC cream is the ideal choice when you need moderate coverage to even out your complexion and when you want to give your skin all the benefits of a moisturiser. Onagrine Extreme Protection creams do exactly that, with a lightweight texture that helps moisturise your skin while concealing small facial blemishes. Being rich in high-prized active plant ingredients and naturally-sourced pigments, these creams promote healthy skin as well as a beautiful complexion. Select your Onagrine CC Cream according to your colouring and enjoy its long-lasting wear every day.