The Ona-Hydratant skincare line boosts the skin’s own moisturising mechanisms in order to quench it deeply. These moisturising treatments for face and body exploit the high vitamin content and anti-oxidant properties of pomegranate to guarantee you smoother, softer skin. Ideal for starting a complete moisturising routine, the Ona-Hydratant products by Onagrine also preserve the plumped-up, fresh look of your skin in the longer term.

Moisturiser for the face: the cornerstone of your beauty routine

Moisturising is essential for effective skincare. The most fundamental step in a beauty routine, moisturising your skin enables it to restore its moisture reserves and promotes smooth skin. The use of moisturising products is also critical for keeping the skin fresh, comfortable and healthy, year in and year out. For both body and face, make a habit of using Ona-Hydratant moisturising treatments and select the right level of moisturising needed to soothe and regenerate your skin.