The result of many years of research, Global Expertise®, the new multi-correction anti-ageing line from Onagrine, consists of 5 different high-end products designed to slow down the ageing process. Slackening of the skin and a slowdown in cell renewal are the direct causes of the skin’s visible ageing. Wrinkles become apparent, blotches appear and the skin loses firmness. To help your skin protect itself from all these effects, Onagrine has selected the world’s best active plant ingredients. Essence of Baccara Black Rose, Terminalia extract from Southern Nepal, native Argan cells, infusion of Abyssinian Watercress, and many other treasures of Nature are thus used for their powerful anti-ageing active ingredients.


To combat the various signs of ageing that appear on your skin, you need to use a complete programme and opt to use a total anti-ageing treatment. The Global Expertise® multi-correction anti-ageing line from Onagrine offers in each product a harmonious combination of anti-ageing active ingredients that simultaneously address hydration, wrinkles and firmness. Following a scrupulous routine will give you smoother, plumped-up skin and an even complexion that glows with health.