Sometimes the skin needs more than just a simple moisturising routine. Onagrine meets the needs of even the driest, most parched skin, offering a line of intensive nourishing products, enriched with active anti-oxidants, that immediately soothe and repair the skin. These products are not only nourishing and nutritious for the body, they also protect the most delicate, hard-working parts such as the lips and hands. Treat yourself to some wellness time by swathing yourself in the luscious feel of Onagrine’s care products for dry skin, and let yourself by wafted away by their exotic scent.


Changing temperatures, the repeated action of stressors, or even nutrient deficiencies, all trigger significant and uncomfortable drying of the skin. Dry skin thus requires a very specific treatment to make it smooth and soft again. With the aim of offering very dry skin the best possible care, Onagrine uses the best quality active plant ingredients such as sweet almond and Evening Primrose Oil to create its nourishing, nutritious skincare products. From lip balm to nourishing body butter, each dry skin treatment promises to protect, soothe and repair the skin deep down.