Our new White Perfection anti-dark spot range brightens, regenerates, protects, hydrates the skin and evens out your tone. Pure and prismatic, Onagrine’s White Perfection line draws on the brightening and protective properties of White Dahlias and Lilies to reveal the secret of a smooth and spotless complexion. Its OnaWhite® Plant Complex (White Mulberry and Hibiscus) is enhanced with active ingredients that will help you regain durably radiant and luminous skin.

Nature's treasures at the service of anti-dark spot skin care

Repeated and excessive exposure to the sun, a hormonal and pigmentary disorder or an excess of melanin due to age: hyperpigmentation and the development of dark spots on the face can have multiple causes. Although they are not necessarily dangerous, they can give many people a complex about their skin. For its anti-dark spot range, Onagrine developed a blend of precious active plant ingredients to help you restore the uniformity of your complexion. Let go of past hang-ups! Together with the process of cell regeneration, the natural active ingredients contained in Onagrine’s White Perfection range will reduce the appearance of dark spots and boost skin radiance."