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Aqua Cocoon
Aqua Cocoon Hydration and nature bath
Native Oil
Native Oil Sublime treasure of beauty
White Perfection
White Perfection Natural anti-dark spot source
Cleansers & Make-up removers
Cleansers & Make-up removers Well-being ritual
Extrême Jeunesse
Extrême Jeunesse Bouquet of freshness and radiance
Visibly Pure
Visibly Pure Purity produces radiance
Global Expertise
Global Expertise Global anti-ageing botanical elixir
Ona-Hydratant Natural hydration bath
Onaphyline Premium
Onaphyline Premium The anti-ageing vital force of plants
CC Cream
CC Cream Complexion perfectors
Activ Detox
Activ Detox Revitalising energy treatment
Skincare With Precious Oils
Skincare With Precious Oils The majesty of the plant world

Dark spots can sometimes affect the beauty and evenness of the complexion. This accumulation of melanin on the surface of the skin affects many women of all ages and phototypes, and has many causes such as the sun, hormone changes, acne and age. With its high concentration of natural active ingredients, White Perfection offers a complete programme to combat dark spots and prevent their appearance.

Corrective, its exclusive blend of 5 plants diminishes dark spots by acting at different levels of their appearance. Thus, melanin synthesis decreases, its transfer is slowed down and the enzymatic activity involved in its creation is inhibited. Cell renewal is also stimulated, for a more radiant and even complexion.
Preventive, the blend of 3 roots from Chinese medicine strengthens the skin barrier against external stresses. It helps the skin fight against the formation of dark spots and wrinkles.

Shadow areas and dark spots are faded, revealing a luminous complexion.

The fresh and expert textures of these treatments melt into the skin. Created by Pierre Guillaume, their satiny fragrance transports you in a flutter of wings to a lush Asian garden, where the Nashi pear carries its green and appetising scent.

An exclusive blend of 5 anti-dark spot plants (Hibiscus, White Mulberry, Mitracarpus, Cucumber, Bearberry): By reducing the synthesis of melanin and its transfer, and by inhibiting the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase, it acts on 3 levels of the pigmentation process. Its gentle peeling action accelerates the disappearance of dark spots and restores radiance to dull skin.

Astragalus, Chai Hu and Bai Zhu roots: From Chinese medicine, they help rebalance the protective functions of the skin, similar to the balancing of Yin-Yang forces, revealing beauty and well-being according to ancestral traditions still existing today. They strengthen the skin barrier, and help the skin fight against the formation of dark spots and wrinkles.

White Dahlia: This stunning flower, naturally rich in antioxidants, fades dark spots by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity that causes them to appear.

The products of the range

The results on dark spots and the complexion’s radiance are spectacular after just a few weeks!

The Onagrine team

Botanical routes

At the heart of the White Perfection formula
Onagrine Research has drawn inspiration from ethnobotanical secrets from Asia and Africa to formulate effective naturally-derived anti-dark spot treatments.

A word from the perfumer

“Native to Asia, Nashi is a delicate and extremely juicy fruit, evoking both a pear and an apple with subtle notes of Green Tea with Rose whose growth requires so much sunshine that it is nicknamed “fruit of light”.

It was the perfect candidate to make up the heart of the fragrance that adorns the White Perfection range and symbolise a renewal. I blended it with tender floral, green, slightly honeyed notes, like the Nashi flowers beaten about in the spring wind.”

The Onagrine routine

The right product application order


  • Even Skin Tone Anti-dark Spot Serum
  • Even Skin Tone Anti-dark Spot Cream SPF15
  • Anti-dark Spot Hand Cream


  • Brightening Botanical Essence
  • Even Skin Tone Anti-dark Spot Serum
  • Restorative Anti-dark Spot Night Cream
  • Anti-dark Spot Hand Cream


  • Gentle Scrub
  • Intense Hydrating Mask