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Aqua Cocoon
Aqua Cocoon Hydration and nature bath
Native Oil
Native Oil Sublime treasure of beauty
White Perfection
White Perfection Natural anti-dark spot source
Cleansers & Make-up removers
Cleansers & Make-up removers Well-being ritual
Extrême Jeunesse
Extrême Jeunesse Bouquet of freshness and radiance
Visibly Pure
Visibly Pure Purity produces radiance
Global Expertise
Global Expertise Global anti-ageing botanical elixir
Ona-Hydratant Natural hydration bath
Onaphyline Premium
Onaphyline Premium The anti-ageing vital force of plants
CC Cream
CC Cream Complexion perfectors
Activ Detox
Activ Detox Revitalising energy treatment
Skincare With Precious Oils
Skincare With Precious Oils The majesty of the plant world

Many women – even adults – see their daily lives affected by small skin problems: shine, dilated pores, redness, etc. Designed specifically to take care of combination or oily skin, Visibly Pure offers a comprehensive programme to visibly reduce blemishes, prevent their appearance and rebalance the microbiota.

Onagrine Research has explored the infinite richness of the plant world by selecting plant active ingredients with rebalancing properties. Indonesia’s fascinating Noni rebalances the microbiome and reduces irregularities (shine, pores and spots). Organic white tea rich in antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids tightens pores and mattifies the skin. Lastly, Evening Primrose protects against external aggressions and the harmful effects of time. Day after day, the skin is rebalanced, the complexion is illuminated with freshness!

The fresh and expert textures of these treatments provide a feeling of lightness.

Their subtle Albizia fragrance, like a sweet silk, was created by Pierre Guillaume. This flower, a mix of wisteria and light jasmine, conceals delicious fruity accents reminiscent of wild strawberries.

Noni: Thanks to its precious rebalancing properties, it delivers a global action by regulating the microbiome and reducing the production of sebum. It tightens pores and reduces the number of blackheads.

Organic White Tea: This rare tea is rich in polyphenols and gives it a very powerful antioxidant power. Its astringent flavonoids tighten pores. It also contains vitamin C to help diminish pigmentation marks.

Evening Primrose cells: A biotechnological active ingredient that is emblematic of the brand, it redensifies thanks to better cohesion of the two skin layers and improves firmness.

Botanical routes

At the heart of the Visibly Pure formula
A fascinating journey around the world to discover plants with powerful rebalancing properties.

A word from the perfumer

From May to July, the Albizia, also called the silk tree, displays its finest adornments in the northern hemisphere. If you are not distracted by the exuberance of its inflorescences similar to pink feather tassels, you will discover the finesse and complexity of the subtle fragrance it releases when, under the zenith sun, it is beaten about in the summer wind.

Albizia has a hybrid floral quality, between light jasmine and sweet wisteria, spicy notes barely hiding subtle fruity influences evocative of wild strawberries.

Th Onagrine routine

The right product application order


  • Purifying Cleansing Gel, Face & Body
  • Perfecting Day Fluid


  • Purifying Cleansing Gel, Face & Body
  • Perfecting Detox Oil
  • Perfecting Night Fluid

Once or twice a week

  • Gentle Pore Refining Mask