Native Oil
Native Oil Sublime treasure of beauty
White Perfection
White Perfection Natural anti-dark spot source
Cleansers & Make-up removers
Cleansers & Make-up removers Well-being ritual
Extrême Jeunesse
Extrême Jeunesse Bouquet of freshness and radiance
Visibly Pure
Visibly Pure Purity produces radiance
Global Expertise
Global Expertise Global anti-ageing botanical elixir
Ona-Hydratant Natural hydration bath
Onaphyline Premium
Onaphyline Premium The anti-ageing vital force of plants
CC Cream
CC Cream Complexion perfectors
Activ Detox
Activ Detox Revitalising energy treatment
20 Precious Oils
20 Precious Oils The majesty of the plant world

Botanical cosmetics

Science of nature

At the origin of Onagrine, there is Evening Primrose…

Evening Primrose

In the 1970s, a brilliant scientist and plant lover was leading work on Evening Primrose and its benefits for the skin.

He discovered the properties of this magnificent yellow flower, which opens at night and closes again in the morning, which earned it the nickname “Beautiful at night”.

With its exceptional content of essential fatty acids, this plant is a powerful ally for preserving the skin’s youthfulness.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose is present in all Onagrine treatments. Its regenerating, protective and antioxidant potential makes it a fascinating anti-ageing active ingredient.

Emmanuelle - Onagrine Research

An abundance of plant active ingredient

A marvellous source of inspiration, nature is full of precious plants whose benefits we are revealing for the skin. Our botanist formulators select and assemble abundant plant active ingredients to give a targeted response to all your skin problems.

Active ingredients of natural origin, physiologically closer to the skin, are better assimilated and therefore more effective. Often, these are plants used in pharmacopoeias or traditional beauty rituals. Their effectiveness has long been proven.

We sometimes combine our natural plant extracts with advanced biosynthetic active ingredients, such as plant-based hyaluronic acid at several molecular weights to further improve the efficacy of our products.

A quest around the world

Onagrine Research ventures across the five continents, in the richest and best preserved biotopes, to identify plants with remarkable properties for the skin.

Very often these are adaptogenic plants, living in desert, cold or high altitude environments. They synthesise original molecules that allow them to ensure their survival. In cosmetology, these molecules improve the skin’s resistance capacity, by activating biological mechanisms such as antioxidant synthesis or strengthening of the skin’s lipid barrier.

Botanical routes

Nature never ceases to amaze us

Blue microalgae is so resistant that it has survived for billions of years, even in extreme environments such as ice caps or desert coasts. Its secret? It secretes a photoprotective enzyme that protects it from harmful UV rays. On the skin, it can reduce UV damage to cellular DNA by 62%.

Blue Microalgae