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Aqua Cocoon
Aqua Cocoon Hydration and nature bath
Native Oil
Native Oil Sublime treasure of beauty
White Perfection
White Perfection Natural anti-dark spot source
Cleansers & Make-up removers
Cleansers & Make-up removers Well-being ritual
Extrême Jeunesse
Extrême Jeunesse Bouquet of freshness and radiance
Visibly Pure
Visibly Pure Purity produces radiance
Global Expertise
Global Expertise Global anti-ageing botanical elixir
Ona-Hydratant Natural hydration bath
Onaphyline Premium
Onaphyline Premium The anti-ageing vital force of plants
CC Cream
CC Cream Complexion perfectors
Activ Detox
Activ Detox Revitalising energy treatment
Skincare With Precious Oils
Skincare With Precious Oils The majesty of the plant world

To restore the vital functions of skin subject to hormone changes, Global Expertise offers a complete restructuring and regenerating action allowing you to age gracefully.

Australian Kangaroo flower, Blue Microalgae, Himalayan Snow Lotus… The abundant plant active ingredients sourced from all over the world by Onagrine Research breathe their strength and correct all signs of ageing: revived radiance, densified and firmed skin, tightening effect, smoothed wrinkles…

The cocooning textures of these expert treatments provide generous comfort.

Their subtly glamorous sparkling Pierre Guillaume signature fragrance will transport your senses in an exquisite moment of pleasure.

Blue Microalgae: It activates the natural cell repair system. Photoprotective, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays and regulates melanogenesis which causes dark spots. Lastly, it neutralises free radicals which cause skin ageing.

Brown Algae: Reactivates 14 genes involved in the redensification of the extracellular matrix of the dermis for a rejuvenating effect (synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid), with visible results after 2 weeks.

Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid (two molecular weights): A champion of hydration, it allows the skin to build up a water reserve and creates a protective film that limits transepidermal water loss. It also stimulates collagen synthesis for firm and smooth skin.

Organic Kangaroo Flower: This high-performance anti-ageing active ingredient acts on the proteins that form the structure of the skin: collagen and elastin. Firmness is reinforced by the activation of fibroblasts and by a visible tightening effect from 1 hour on wrinkles around the eyes!

Organic Avocado oil: Softening and nourishing, it comforts dehydrated skin.

Organic Evening Primrose oil: Emblematic of the brand, this oil is a feast for the skin. Rich in omega-6 and antioxidant vitamin E, it fights against premature ageing and protects against external aggressions. The skin retains suppleness and beauty.

Snow Lotus: It promotes cell oxygenation and the elimination of toxins, for a radiant complexion.

Rambutan: The extract of the leaves of the “hairy lychee”, a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient, is a natural alternative to retinol.

Birch Bark: It stimulates collagen production by increasing the incorporation of vitamin C in the fibroblasts, preserving the skin’s firmness and correcting crow’s feet wrinkles from 14 days.

The products of the range

An expert range that corrects all signs of ageing. Be warned: its textures and delicious fragrance are addictive!

The Onagrine team

Botanical routes

At the heart of the Global Expertise formula
An intoxicating world tour of the most fascinating anti-ageing plants to revive the youth and radiance of the face.

A word from the perfumer

With its intense red, bright yellow and dazzling orange inflorescences, the Kangaroo flower sets the Australian West ablaze with its chromatic richness.
Through this floral fireworks display, this astonishing plant signals the vital force contained in its plant cells. The fragrance had to reflect the radiant energy of this plant extract!
I composed a paradoxical fruity woody accord where the flesh of a red mandarin, nuanced with delicate floral and rosy notes, colours with its exquisite sparkle the hinoki wood whose sweet, green, resinous sap invites calm and balance.

The Onagrine routine

The right product application order


  • Makeup Removing Lotion
  • Lifting Botanical Serum
  • Lifting Eye Care
  • Revitalising Day Lift


  • Makeup Removing Lotion
  • Revitalising Botanical Essence
  • Lifting Botanical Serum
  • Lifting Eye Care
  • Regenerating Night Lift

Once a week

  • Gentle Scrub
  • Intense Hydrating Mask