Native Oil
Native Oil Sublime treasure of beauty
White Perfection
White Perfection Natural anti-dark spot source
Cleansers & Make-up removers
Cleansers & Make-up removers Well-being ritual
Extrême Jeunesse
Extrême Jeunesse Bouquet of freshness and radiance
Visibly Pure
Visibly Pure Purity produces radiance
Global Expertise
Global Expertise Global anti-ageing botanical elixir
Ona-Hydratant Natural hydration bath
Onaphyline Premium
Onaphyline Premium The anti-ageing vital force of plants
CC Cream
CC Cream Complexion perfectors
Activ Detox
Activ Detox Revitalising energy treatment
20 Precious Oils
20 Precious Oils The majesty of the plant world

Every day, the skin is weakened by numerous elements. The passing of time and external attacks affect its quality.

Pollution, the sun’s rays, lifestyle (fatigue, smoking, stress) also contribute to speeding up the skin’s ageing process. Cell activity slows down, the skin loses suppleness and tone, wrinkles become deeper and dark spots appear.

The result of long research, Onagrine has developed an exclusive blend of 20 precious oils and 3 adaptogenic plants in a universal beauty elixir, to combat all the signs of ageing. A complete immersion into the heart of plants, this global treatment combines 10 anti-ageing actions to regenerate the skin’s vital functions.

An unprecedented blend to help the skin regain its strength and radiance, in a clean formula composed of 95% naturally-derived ingredients.

Its exceptional packaging was inspired by the brand’s mythical egg-shaped pot and its expert texture combines comfort with sensuality, without being oily or shiny.

Its bright fragrance, like a cashmere of flowers, was created by Pierre Guillaume. A sweet orange blossom is powdered with cashmere wood with hints of jasmine.


Hydrate: Marula and Babassu oils

Nourish: Avocado and Tsubaki oils

Regenerate: ORGANIC Cottonseed and Rapeseed oils

Illuminate: Bearberry and Kudzu oils

Protect: ORGANIC Sea Buckthorn, Buriti and Macadamia oils

Smooth: ORGANIC Argan and ORGANIC Evening Primrose oils

Revitalise: Rice and Tamanu oils

Detoxify: Ginger oil

Soothe: ORGANIC Pomegranate and Kukui oils

Firm: ORGANIC Linseed and Inca Inchi oils

PLANT-BASED HYALURONIC ACID (2 molecular weights): A champion of hydration, it allows the skin to build up a water reserve and creates a protective film that limits transepidermal water loss. It also stimulates collagen synthesis for firm and smooth skin.


Alpine Rose: Withstanding high-altitude solar radiation, it protects the skin from oxidative stress: it prevents the formation of carbonyl proteins and thus protects the skin from ageing.

Vanilla Cactus: Capable or resurfacing after long periods without water, this cactus promotes hydration of the skin while soothing it, notably with its flavonoid content.

Rhodiola Rosea: This antioxidant-packed arctic root, nicknamed “tundra ginseng”, stimulates the synthesis of endorphins and creates a feeling of well-being. These happiness hormones also have an action on the complexion’s radiance.

The products of the range

Day after day, this luscious cream with many anti-ageing plant active ingredients, will bring you the radiance we are all seeking!

The Onagrine team

Botanical roads

At the heart of the 20 Precious Oils formula
At the heart of the formula of the Crème aux 20 Huiles Précieuses, is a worldwide quest for the most powerful plants to stimulate the skin's vital functions.

A word from the perfumer

“The fragrance adorning this formula should be a moment of pure pleasure which can resonate as an ode to femininity both here and around the world.

The orange blossom theme quickly became established; it would be oriental, slightly spicy, powdery, like a cashmere of flowers.

I selected a Neroli essence from Tunisia for its gentle luminous facets. Cashmere wood with its powdery hues give it texture and an incandescent facet while amber brings them together in an animalised sensual veil.”